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In the 1970 the construction of the first nuclear plant on the island with Soviet design began in Cienfuegos, central province of Cuba. It received investments during more than 20 years until its construction was frozen by the fall of the socialist countries in Eastern Europe.

 Cuba invested more than 1,200 million dollars in this failed project, according to a speech of Fidel Castro in September 5, 1992. The "work of the century" as it was called, was suspended in 1992 for financial reasons and only missing some details for its start. After talking to former nuclear physic engineers who still live in the ghost nuclear city called CEN (Nuclear City), I think it was the best thing that could happen to the country. In December 2015 with the help of friends, I manage to enter CEN to photograph what remains of the central, a monumental place, sad and shattered.

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